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Frequently asked questions


Q.   Are you police checked?


A.   Yes, i am fully police checked, a copy of my Enhanced Disclosure can be seen when we meet


Q.   Are you insured?

A.   Yes, I hold full public liability insurance (£3 million). You will be able to see a Copy of my insurance details

       when we meet.

Q.   Do you allow dogs off the lead?


A.   Yes, with your written consent, and only in safe areas away from roads, and only if I am confident that it will return when called. If        you are concerned about your dog’s ability to obey a recall, I am also able to use an extended lead (10 metres) which allows              them to exercise in safety.

Q.   Will you walk my dog in all weathers?


A.  Yes, Regular exercise is vital for your dog’s well-being. For this reason I walk in all weathers, so you can be confident that your dog         won’t miss its walk – rain, hail or shine (the only exception being extreme weather conditions which may present a risk to the                 safety of your dog). And when we’ve finished our walk, I’ll make sure its coat and paws are towelled down and that they have                 plenty of fresh water to drink!


Q.  Does my dog need to be fully vacinated?


A.   Yes, with the exception of puppies who are awating inoculation (puppy home visits only)


Q.   Where do you walk?


A.    Your dog always will be walked in a safe place, away from busy roads and distractions. My favourite locations around Plymouth           are:  Saltram, Plymbridge, River Yealm, Dartmoor, Hemerdon, Mount Batten Beach, Bovisand Beach, Wembury Beach, Central               Park.  


Q.  How will i know you have been?


A.  I will leave a little diary of where we have been after each walk and the time of walk, which will be left at your home.  I will also               take photos (with your permission) of your dog and will sometimes text them to you or you can view them on the Muddy Paws             Facebook page


Q.   How do you collect and drop-off my dog?


A.  I shall come to your home and collect your dog and drop it back after its walk. If you require me to walk your dog during the day           whilst you’re at work, etc, I shall require a key a spare key.  I willl label the key with a number only so that only I am able to                     recognise it.   Please note that I am police checked and fully insured to walk and care for your dog, as well as to hold your keys.


Q.   Does my dog need to wear a collar and tag?


A.   Yes, the Control of Dogs Order 1992 requires that most dogs wear a collar and a tag or disc showing the name and address of the        owner.  I shall also attach my own collar which has Muddy Paws and my mobile number sewn into the collar. This will ensure that        should your dog get seperated from me for any reason, we will quickly become reunited again.


Q.   How many dogs do you walk at a time?

A.   I walk a maximum of four dogs on each walk. This ensures they have my full attention and remain safe. If you would prefer your         dog walked on its own, I also offer solo walks.


Q.  Do you use treats?


A.   I do use the occasional treat during a walk to reward good behaviour, unless you request otherwise.


Q.   What happens in the event of an emergency?


A.  In the unlikely event of an emergency, I will inform you immediately. If your dog requires veterinary attention, I will take it to your         named vet or the nearest veterinary surgery, depending on the degree of urgency.  I hold a canine first aid kit for any minor                   injuries and have completed a Canine First Aid Course.






















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